You most likely know that installing a privacy fence for your home is a smart way to add security and value to your property. However, the cost of installing a privacy fence compared to a simple chain-link fence may be stopping you. Our team at Kirkwood fence knows that the benefits of installing a privacy fence go beyond security and value. We will go over some of why a privacy fence should be on your list of home remodels this year.

1. Protection From Severe Weather

Severe storms in Missouri can strike at any time with high winds and heavy rain. A well-built fence will protect your outdoor living spaces, garden, and home by providing you with a protective barrier against strong damaging winds.

2. Added Security

Having a privacy fence around your property can increase the security of your house by providing a tall barrier between your yard and the outside world. In some areas, depending on your insurance carrier, you may even be eligible for a better rate on your insurance. Adding a privacy fence to your yard provides a deterrent layer of protection from the outside and controls entry to your property.

3. Animal Boundary

They are a great way to keep animals out and keep your pets inside a safe area. A privacy fence is a great way to keep your pets safe in your yard and out of your neighbors.

4. Property Separation

Installing a privacy fence provides a boundary between your and your neighbors’ property. When a fence is installed at your property line, it serves as a clear indication of where each property ends. Be sure to check with your HOA and local zoning rules before having a privacy fence installed. Some homeowners associations have rules that regulate what styles and heights can be installed.

5. Customization and Property Appeal

Our team at Kirkwood Fence can install a variety of colors, materials, and styles of privacy fences. Choosing a style that accents your home or matches your neighbors’ fence can be a great way to add appeal to your property. In addition to this, different styles fit different budgets. Our team is sure to have a solution that fits your style and your budget.

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