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“They did an amazing job”

I have 20+ years of onsite construction regulation experience and am beyond impressed with the work Kirkwood Fence has done. From the initial phone call, to meeting the estimator, scheduling, the installation process, and the final product that we’ll enjoy for years to come – we couldn’t be happier! Thank you!!

Bryan K.

Having your commercial or government property vandalized, merchandise stolen, or property defaced is unacceptable for many business owners, commercial property managers, and government officials. 

Not only can criminals financially impact you in the short term, causing you to pay an arm and a leg to repair and replace damaged and stolen merchandise. The disruption to your business can also harm customer relationships and cause serious, long-term harm to your business. 

Do not let your employees or visitors become victims of crime and squander your hard work. Take the necessary steps now to invest in the protection your business deserves with barbed wire fence installation. At Kirkwood Fence, we know how to help with barbed wire.

Unbeatable Protection

Fortunately, a barbed wire fence offers unbeatable protection against criminals and vandals. Barbed wire fencing combines a strong chain link fence with a highly deterrent crown of extremely sharp barbed wire. 

Barbed wire fences are sure to keep criminals and vandals off your property and well away from your prized possessions. With an ordinary chain link fence, criminals can easily climb over the top of the fence. But by adding coils of sharpened barbed wire at the top, you make climbing over the top a painful and dangerous endeavor.

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Commercial property theft and destruction are on the rise across the country. More break-ins, robberies, and vandalizations are recorded with each passing month. The sad reality is that as long as criminals can make a living stealing from businesses. If you want to put a stop to these crooks and protect your hard-earned property and merchandise, you must take steps to stop criminals in their tracks. 

With barbed wire fence installation, your property will be protected because while it may be highly challenging to penetrate or climb over, most criminals will not even try. Barbed wire sends a strong message that one should not mess with the fence’s owner. It is a symbol of strength and power and will deter most criminals. 

Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Criminals will see that something is either weakly defended or not defended and take advantage of the situation. A barbed wire fence is akin to a large billboard saying, “Do not mess with us!”

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Quick Construction

Every day you wait to protect your business or property is another day that it is vulnerable. Luckily, barbed wire fence installation one of the fastest forms of fencing to build. Construction should be finished quickly, allowing you to get back to work, building your business with newfound confidence in safety and security. 

Barbed wire fencing is so fast to produce that the United States military uses it in conflicts abroad to set up defensive perimeters and barriers quickly.

Meets Every Business’ Needs

Barbed wire fencing is highly versatile. It can be constructed to protect a wide variety of spaces and merchandise. It comes in countless heights and can be tailored to enclose any perimeter. It is also easy to install gates into barbed wire fencing to meet the specific needs of your business if you manage cars, trucks, or construction equipment. 

Everyone at Kirkwood Fence did a great job, from start to finish!

Everyone at Kirkwood Fence did a great job, from start to finish! The office staff was very courteous and thorough. Tom, as well as the installers, were extremely efficient and professional, and our project was completed exactly as promised. We will definitely recommend Tom and Kirkwood Fence!

Jeanne K.


Barbed wire fencing cannot be beaten when it comes to weather resistance. Whether it is freezing cold, pouring rain, or scorching sun, barbed wire fences will continue to provide steadfast security. Their design also makes them resistant to heavy winds that can knock down other fencing. 

One of the competitors to barbed wire fencing is wooden fencing. After a few years of rain and weather, the organic material of a wooden fence is sure to rot and mold. This leaves it weak and easy to penetrate by a criminal. At this point, one would have to accept their vulnerability or spend large sums of money on replacing the fence. On the other hand, barbed wire fencing is immune to rot and mold and will not need to be replaced for many years. 


Given the outstanding security and longevity provided by barbed wire fencing, you may be surprised to know that it is one of the most cost-effective forms of fencing available. When maintenance and construction costs are taken into account, barbed wire fencing price point cannot be beaten. 

Barbed Wire Fence Experts

Kirkwood Fence has worked with hundreds of businesses to improve their security with fences, gates, and barbed wire. With the stakes so high, you need a partner who knows the industry inside and out and is trusted by the community. 

Beyond the savings in theft protection, you are also buying peace of mind and security for yourself, your visitors, and your employees that is hard to put a price on. Invest in a barbed wire fence today and reap the benefits for years to come!

At Kirkwood Fence, our fences are built to last!
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