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“They did an amazing job”

Kirkwood Fence did an excellent job for us, from the original design to the crew who installed it. We had issues that were unknown by the designer and complicated installation. The crew was terrific at solving the problems, creative and hardworking.

Doreen D.

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When you only need a fence to protect your property, construction site, or special event for a relatively short amount of time, setting up permanent fencing can be both a hassle and an unnecessary headache. Temporary fence rentals provide just the solution for allowing you to quickly and cost-effectively set up a barrier for whatever you might need.  

The Importance of Following Rules and Regulations

There are several kinds of work/event spaces that you might need to set up temporary fence panels around to create a secure perimeter. 

There are regulations that different worksites have when it comes to the kind of fencing needed during a particular project. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) dictates that fencing installed around the property must be at least 4 feet high for residential construction. For an industrial construction project, you would need to install a fence that is at least 6 feet high. 

In addition to height regulations, there are also other rules about what kinds of signs ought to be on your fence panels. Warning signs that include information about the presence of possible dangers on the property and the risks of trespassing will ensure that the public will avoid trespassing on whatever worksite you happen to be using.

At Kirkwood Fence, we have decades of experience erecting temporary fences that follow all the rules and regulations. You won’t have to worry about running afoul of ordinances when you hire Kirkwood Fence as your temporary fence partner.

Spaces that Might Need a Temporary Fence

There are a variety of reasons you might want to consider setting up temporary fence panels. Here are just a few examples of what kinds of spaces could demonstrate a significant need for temporary fence panel installation. 

Construction Sites

Construction sites are one of the most obvious places you would likely need to implement temporary fencing. Whether the site is residential or even industrial, fencing can provide a great deal of protection from people roaming around the area. There is always the possibility of heavy materials or tools falling from high areas on a construction site. There is also a variety of large engine-fueled machinery that can harm to a pedestrian who wanders onto a busy worksite.  

Concert Venues

Concert venues can undoubtedly come with large crowds that need to be corralled into specific areas of the venue. Anything from giant music festivals to smaller outdoor concerts will likely need temporary fences to keep those not attending or running the concert from getting into the event without payment. 

Special Events

Special events can include sports games, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations. Temporary fencing is a must to protect these events and ensure all attendants can be safe and enjoy their time. 

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Uses of Temporary Fences

Directing Pedestrians

Especially in big cities, construction on the street or buildings right next to the street can prove to be a major safety hazard for the hundreds of people that walk alongside that street every day. In this case, it is majorly important to make sure that pedestrians are guided down an area that is properly covered or is multiple feet away from any potential hazards.

Securing Property

Though most people purchase storage units to protect their valuables that are not currently of use, this can prove to be expensive and limited in space. If you are trying to store large objects that can withstand the outdoor climate in your area, buying temporary fence panels to secure these things on your property can be cheaper and allow you to access them easier.  

Benefits of Using Temporary Fences

There are many ways to benefit from purchasing temporary fence panels instead of buying permanent fences. 

Save Money

One of these benefits is cost-efficiency. If you only need these panels from a temporary amount of time, it is likely in your best interest to rent fence panels instead of buying more expensive permanent fencing. If you buy a permanent fence for an event or get-together, you would need to find a way to store or even re-sell the permanent fence panels. This could prove to be a major hassle, especially after you have already planned and thrown a major event. 

We had a very good experience

We had a very good experience with Tom & his team. From Tom making multiple trips out over the installation and answer all our questions, to the installation being completed in a timely manner. The crew cleaned and removed all the debris and were very professional. I would recommend Kirkwood Fence.

Tim A.

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More Benefits of Temporary Fences

Faster Installation

Furthermore, temporary fence panels can be quickly and easily installed as compared to permanent fences. A permanent fence has to be secured properly into the ground at your site with various tools and you would likely need professional assistance with accomplishing this (which can cost you even more money and time).


Lastly, versatility can be a very important attribute when planning a large event or securing a unique plot of land from trespassers. Temporary fence panels provide this benefit of versatility that the installation of permanent fencing often will not be able to. Whichever way you want to configure an enclosed area, temporary fence panels can be easily erected in this way to provide you with security and peace of mind. 

Temporary Fencing at Kirkwood Fence

At Kirkwood Fence, we can provide you with steel or aluminum fence panels that are strong, durable, and can effectively enclose any space you envision. Whether you are fencing in a residential construction site or configuring an outdoor concert event space you have been planning for months, Kirkwood Fence can provide you with the right kind of temporary fence panels and expert setup. We have a variety of different options for temporary fence rentals, including chain-link fencing, construction fencing, and event fencing for whatever you might need.  

At Kirkwood Fence, our fences are built to last!
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