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At Kirkwood Fence, we recommend vinyl fencing for both residential and commercial locations for a variety of reasons. Vinyl fencing is highly durable and strong, and weather-resistant in many climates. It comes in a wide array of shapes and styles, so it is easy to find the right style for your home. It’s very low-maintenance, requiring little more than a rainfall or quick hose-down every once in a while. It is also eco-friendly and recyclable for a major home project. 

In sum: If you value durability and privacy and are looking for a low-maintenance, high-quality option for fencing that comes in an array of styles and designs to meet your needs, vinyl fencing is the right choice for you.

Durable Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is a highly durable fencing material and generally requires less maintenance than other types of fencing. Vinyl fencing, in fact, is five times more durable than wood and less likely than any other fencing to collapse. 

Fencing is a significant investment, so when choosing material, it’s essential to choose a fencing style that will last for a long time, and avoid fences that need replacement in a matter of a few years. Vinyl fencing can last up to 30 years, and it won’t even begin to rust! If you’re looking for durable, long-lasting fencing, vinyl is a great option.

outside view of yard fenced off with a white Vinyl Fence
white Vinyl Fence

Weather-resistant Fencing

Strong weather patterns are no match for vinyl fencing, which will resist even extreme weather circumstances, like heavy rain, strong winds, or long winters. Vinyl fences are waterproof, making them ideal for withstanding wet springs, harsh weather, or surrounding pools. Because they are waterproof, vinyl fences do not rust, rot, or erode over time. 

Because the color is integral to the material itself, vinyl fences won’t blister or peel in the St. Louis sun or summer heat. Vinyl fencing is made from synthetic materials, so it won’t attract mold or pests like termites, and it won’t produce splinters. The durability, versatility, and safety of vinyl fencing make it hard to go wrong and is an ideal option for the St. Louis climate. In many cases, vinyl fencing will outlast a family’s time in their home, so you can rest easy knowing you are making an investment that will stand the test of time.

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Design Versatility

Vinyl fences come in many simulated textures such as wood and stone to customize your property. They also come in several different shapes, styles, and heights to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a short picket style fence or a tall privacy fence, our vinyl fence systems have the styles, colors, textures, and sizes that make it easy to create a look that complements your home or business. 

Need to meet a specific height requirement for your municipalities code? It won’t be hard to find a vinyl fencing style that meets your parameters. You can very easily find a type that matches your vision for your property, whether you’re looking for a fence that fits with your neighborhood, reflects your personality, or imitates the style of your home.

white Vinyl Fence dividing a property line with houses on the other side of the fence

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl fencing comes in a wide array of shapes and styles, including picketed and open styles, but it is also known for its ability to create a private space for you and your family to enjoy. Vinyl fencing can offer more privacy than aluminum or chain link fencing and comes in several styles that can meet your particular needs. 

Vinyl privacy fencing is one of the most preferred fence options when creating a private space for your family or business. It can create a haven for children to spend time outside safely and comes in many different styles so that you can get the look you’ve been dreaming of, all while maintaining your family’s privacy.

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Awesome service and company very easy to work with. Installation done quickly and clean up was impeccable. I would highly recommend this company!

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More Vinyl Fence Benefits

Low Maintenance

Vinyl fencing is also extremely low maintenance. Vinyl fencing is strong and durable, withstands St. Louis’ harsh winters and humid summers, and can last families a long time. Beyond that, these fences don’t require much, if any, maintenance. 

Vinyl is waterproof and doesn’t show signs of water damage. Vinyl’s materials also offer protection against ultraviolet rays, so you never need to worry about your fencing yellowing over time. 

Keeping a vinyl fence in good condition is about as simple as spraying it down with a hose every once in a while or waiting until it rains. Rain every once in a while is generally enough to rinse off dirt or debris and remove build-up. If needed, you can always spray it down with a hose or pressure washer, using warm water, soap, and a rag in the most severe cases, but it’s unlikely that cleaning your fence will require even that level of maintenance.

Vinyl is Green

Vinyl fencing is also an eco-friendly choice for your home and family. Vinyl fencing is not treated with harmful chemicals whatsoever. While many fences are treated with toxic chemicals for water or insect resistance, vinyl fencing does not require the same treatments. It also doesn’t require treatment with chemicals or painting after installation. 

Vinyl is also recyclable, so if you do need to replace it for any reason, you won’t be throwing away materials. Nothing will go to the landfill at all! All vinyl fencing parts can be reused.

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As you can see, vinyl fencing is an excellent choice for many reasons. If you are looking for a fencing option that ensures durability, privacy, low maintenance, eco-friendliness, and comes in a wide array of styles, look no further than Kirkwood Fence’s vinyl fencing options. 

No matter your priorities, you are sure to find a type of vinyl fencing that exceeds your expectations. For a free consultation on our vinyl fences, contact the Kirkwood Fence office for a free design consultation