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Kirkwood Fence Did A Great Job

We love our new fence! Kirkwood Fence did a great job. They were on time and on budget, very professional service from sale to installation. Tom was really great to work with.

Tim R.

The white picket fence is still a part of the American dream. The idea of the gorgeous fence surrounding a house with a dog running around outside is most homeowners’ perfect scenario. Kirkwood Fence is the partner to provide that for you!

Whether you’re looking for a wooden fence for privacy, security, or simply aesthetics, our team can work with you to create and install your dream fence for you and your family.

Our team is experienced in the construction and installation of every style of picket and privacy wood fences, and we are privileged to have the creativity to customize your fence to your home’s curb appeal. Our fences and gates are built from the most popular and durable types of wood, including western red cedar and pine. A wood fence is a popular choice for homeowners in the St. Louis area for providing natural beauty, privacy, and security. At Kirkwood Fence, we know that selecting a fence is a big decision, and we respect the level of commitment you have for your family.

Affordable & Long-Lasting

Wood fences are one of the most affordable options in fencing. Compared to other types of fencing, such as vinyl, wood fences can sometimes cost less than half of the amount. It may sound like the wood fences are of worse quality, but that is not the case! Although they may need a little more maintenance than a vinyl or aluminum fence, wood fences are very durable and will last for years to come. If properly maintained, wood fences can last well over 10 years.

Most high-quality wooden fences resist rotting and damage from insects. Wooden fences are compressed wood, and they are designed to last in the outdoor space for years. 

With wood fencing, you can do some of the maintenance yourself. If you decide later down the line that you want to change the style of your backyard, changing the color of your fence is an easy fix without having to rip out the old fence and pay to have a new one installed. From that perspective, wood fences provide a good long-term solution, especially for those of us who like change.

Backyard divided by wood fence
close up of a wood fence with tall grass growing on the other side

Aesthetics & Customizability

Unlike many other types of fencing, wood fencing can be entirely customizable, so you can work with us to design it the way you want it to be designed. No “standard” wood fence will be one-size-fits-all, and we recognize that you and your family have different needs. Maybe your land is on a slope, or perhaps some patches of lawn get particularly wet. Maybe your focus is more on privacy and less on aesthetics. Maybe you want a convex curve at the top of your fence pickets or even concave for that matter, anything is possible with a wood fence. Whatever it is, Kirkwood Fence can work with you to make it happen. When you are thinking about your wood fence, think about how tall you want it, whether or not you want a gate, the color of the fence, and the post designs.

Regardless of how you choose to customize it, however, your wood fence will look very aesthetically pleasing. The natural beauty of wooden fences shines through in our designs. Wood fences are known to provide beauty, design, and durability. The design style of it is entirely up to you!

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Easy to Install

Many fences out there feel like they take a long time to install because of how complicated the process is. The additional bonus of wood fences is that installation is straightforward, so your work or home life will not be disrupted for long while we install your fence. That also means that you do not have to wait long to start reaping the benefits of a wood fence! 

Say you have an animal or rodent problem, and you need to protect your land and home quickly. Then wood fences are a great solution!


It is essential to consider the effects of our actions on the environment in today’s world. Wood fences offer a sustainable option for fencing because it is an all-natural product with limited processing involved. You can treat wood with environmentally-conscious products and paints. Wood fencing is much more sustainable than metal or plastic fencing. Metal fencing is generally not produced locally, requiring shipping. From a recycling perspective, metal fencing is more challenging to recycle than wood fencing, and metal fencing is not biodegradable.

Great to work with

Pat Moore and the installation crew were great to work with start to finish. I highly recommend Kirkwood Fence.

Jeanne K.

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A Variety of Wood Fence Types

Here are some of the types of wood fences we install in St. Louis.

Wood Picket Fences

There are many reasons that a wood picket fence is a good option for you and your family. A picket fence is a very popular option for the front of a house or to line a driveway. They are a classic visual for a reason. These fences are generally 3 to 4 feet high with rails at the top and bottom; however, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Wood Privacy Fences

Taller flat board or shadowbox fences are ideal for surrounding a property to provide privacy for you and your family while enjoying your patio or backyard activities. A privacy fence is typically 6 feet tall to keep prying eyes out of your space. These types of wood fencing have little to no gaps between the planks, and the wood planks go from the ground to the top, without space for anyone or anything to crawl through. Most other types of fencing cannot offer this level of privacy because of their design.

At Kirkwood Fence, our fences are built to last!
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