Custom Outdoor Specialties

  • Variety of Options
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • A dedicated outdoor specialty partner every step of the way

Enhance Your Home

Homeowners often aspire to create an outdoor space that reflects their style while serving their practical needs. Incorporating elements such as pergolas, arbors, raised garden beds, and custom railings can significantly enhance their property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. A pergola can transform an ordinary backyard into a comfortable outdoor living space for relaxation or entertainment. And when it comes to gardening, raised beds can not only make your garden more beautiful, they can also make it more manageable. Even railings can ensure safety and functionality while adding elegance to porches, decks, and stairways.

These customizations are not just about enhancing visual appeal — they also add significant value to the property. Thoughtful additions can set a home apart in the real estate market.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Distinctive features can make a home more attractive to potential buyers and increase the property’s resale value. Enjoy the peace of mind and immense satisfaction of a beautifully designed, functional outdoor space uniquely tailored to your needs and preferences. Trust in our expertise, and let us help you create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of.

Kirkwood Fence provides a variety of specialty outdoor décor from Walpole Outdoors, ranging from pergolas, fence and arbors to mail and lantern posts. For over 85 years Walpole has crafted these structures in Northern White Cedar. Today, Walpole offers many of these products in advanced AZEK®. Preferred by many homeowners because it looks exactly like wood, AZEK won’t rot, split, or warp, and needs little-to-no maintenance for many years. Some of these options are designed to enhance your home, business, or landscape, while others are purely functional.

Our Specialty Options Include:

Pergolas & Arbors

Pergolas & Arbors stand out for their ability to create intimate, shaded spaces in your yard. These structures offer a pleasing architectural element and can serve as a focal point in your landscape design. Coupled with climbing plants, they can transform your outdoor space into a living, breathing oasis.

Add that special touch to your yard with our pergolas and arbors. Pick from a variety of styles, sizes and colors to ensure the structure provides the aesthetic you desire. These outdoor accents come in natural wood, vinyl, and AZEK cellular vinyl (a low maintenance material that looks like natural wood). Create that dream yard for entertaining, or simply enhance a walkway with a pergola or an arbor that suits your particular taste.

Garden Décor
  • Lattice – Consider incorporating lattice panels into your landscape. Handcrafted and carefully designed to fit your landscape, these charming pieces add to your property’s visual appeal and support your climbing plants. This blend of functionality and aesthetics can create a captivating atmosphere in your garden, adding depth and character. Add charm to your property and/or support to your climbing plants with handcrafted lattices panels that fit within your landscape
  • Raised beds – Raised garden beds, on the other hand, can be your gateway to sustainable living. These elevated structures make gardening more comfortable and convenient, allowing you to cultivate your own plants in style. Whether you wish to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, or flowers, raised beds offer the flexibility and control you need over your garden. Make your garden your pride and joy with our raised garden beds. Grow your own plants in style.
  • Bird houses – Adding birdhouses to your yard not only supports local bird populations but also serves as a charming accent to your garden. These long-lasting birdhouses can be crafted to suit your aesthetic preferences while offering a safe haven for birds, thus combining your love for nature and design. Be kind to the birds and accent your garden with our long lasting birdhouses.
Mail & Lantern Posts

Kirkwood Fence installs mailbox and lantern posts that provide the visual appeal and durability you want. With different styles and materials to choose from, you can have fun designing a stylish mailbox or lantern post that is tailored to your yard.

Available in different styles and materials, these structures give you the opportunity to design a post that complements your yard’s style. Whether it’s a mailbox that exudes charm or a lantern post that provides beautiful, subtle lighting to your space, we’ll make sure you love your yard at Kirkwood Fence.


Railings not only add an element of safety to your property, but they can also provide a sense of elegance and structure. At Kirkwood Fence, we are skilled in the installation of outdoor railings for your porch, deck, and stairs. Whether you’re looking to elevate your yard’s aesthetics or make your stairs safer to navigate, we are equipped to install the perfect railing to suit your needs and preferences.

Let Kirkwood Fence add elegance and functionality to your property with outdoor railing for your porch, deck, and stairs. Whether adding style to your yard or making those steps safer to climb, let us help you install the railing that serves you best.

Flag Poles

Flag poles can also be an appealing and meaningful addition to your yard. Whether you wish to display your national flag or simply want to add a decorative touch, our attractive fiberglass flagpoles can do just that. A well-placed flagpole can serve as a finishing touch, completing your dream yard’s look while symbolizing your passions or patriotism.

Show off your national pride or loyalty to a sports team with our handsome flagpoles. Our fiberglass flagpoles can provide that extra touch to complete your dream yard.

Dog Kennels

For pet owners, a custom-built dog kennel can offer a safe, comfortable space for your furry friend to live and play. At Kirkwood Fence, we prioritize your pet’s comfort and security, crafting dog kennels that are not just cozy, but also robust and secure. This way, you can ensure your loved one enjoys their own special space in style, providing them with a home that’s as welcoming as it is safe. With these additions to your yard, you can enhance the functionality and beauty of your outdoor space, creating a custom oasis that caters to your unique needs and tastes.

Let your loved one live in comfort and style with a custom-built dog kennel that is both cozy and secure.