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If you are looking to add some stylish and useful furniture to an outdoor space such as a lawn, garden, patio or pool deck, you have probably already considered options such as gazebos, picnic tables, and trellises. One beautiful, useful and affordable option that you may be overlooking, however, is pergolas. Pergolas are an excellent choice for adding shade to a sunny outdoor space without blotting out the sun completely.

Originating from the Latin word pergula, meaning “projecting roof,” a pergola is a structure usually made from wood and covered on its top with several narrow slats. Pergolas originally became popular all the way back in the 17th century in Rome, when they were favored by royalty and elites as fanciful adornments to their lavish gardens and courtyards. Today, pergolas remain a popular outdoor furniture choice around the country and the world, preferred by elites and regular people alike for their beauty and sturdiness. 

What Makes a Pergola, a Pergola?

Pergolas can come in many styles and are made from many different materials. What all pergolas have in common is that they are supported by several vertical poles which are parallel to each other, and they are joined together by a thatched roof made from slats wood, plastic, or even fiberglass.

Because they have a roof, pergolas are great for providing shade and protection for lounging outside with a book, taking an afternoon nap, or even sharing a meal with friends or family around an outdoor table. At the same time, because they don’t have a completely solid roof, they also can serve as a suitable home for potted plants which require a limited amount of sun, and they can allow you to “get your sun tan on” without without worrying too much about becoming overheated or exposing yourself to a dangerous amount of UV rays. 

Pergola covered patio deck area in back yard
Pergola off of a white house in the back yard

Pergola or Gazebo?

At this point, you may be wondering why you wouldn’t simply opt for a gazebo rather than a pergola. After all, “gazebo” is a more familiar phrase in American parlance, probably because they are a more common fixture in American outdoor places. Indeed, a quick search on Google trends shows that the term “gazebo” was searched significantly more frequently than the term “pergola” during almost any time period in the last 15 years.

But just because gazebos are more common doesn’t mean they’re better than pergolas. As mentioned previously, pergolas have slatted roofs that let a significant amount of light in while gazebos typically have completely covered roofs that allow for maximum shade. If you are looking for a fixture that will keep your belongings cool in the blaring sun, a gazebo might be the right choice, but such absolute protection isn’t usually necessary.

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Why Pick a Pergola Over a Gazebo?

Another benefit of pergolas is their simplicity, as they consist almost exclusively of poles and slats which come together to form a rather primitive yet elegant structure. Pergolas’ simplicity, in turn, leads to other benefits which set them apart from gazebos. Namely, pergolas tend to be more affordable than gazebos – because they are fairly easy to assemble and erect, they can often be purchased for a fraction of the price that gazebos may put you out. Furthermore, because pergolas do have such a simple structure, you may even be able to assemble them yourself. Some hardware stores or furniture stores can ship you a pergola kit which you can use to put a pergola together yourself, or with some mild assistance from a neighborhood handyman or contractor. 

Finally, pergolas are often preferable to gazebos because of their mobility. Pergolas don’t have to be dug deep into the ground or planted in foundations like most gazebos do – many types of pergolas can just be staked into the ground or even rest on a patio or a deck.

Other Benefits of Pergolas

One thing that many people love about pergolas is that they are great environments for vines. Whether you have flowering vines or just beautiful weed-like plants that grow on twisting vines, purchasing a pergola for the vines to slowly climb – and eventually begin to envelop – could be an excellent way to take your garden to the next level, even making it look like the gardens of a royal palace or an ancient temple. 

Ultimately, we all just want beautiful outdoor spaces, and we want to be able to enhance those spaces around our home without breaking the bank or breaking our back with construction. Next time you are hosting a garden party, a pool party, a July 4th or Memorial Day Bar-B-Q, or an outdoor meal for a holiday like Sukkot or Easter, consider purchasing a beautiful pergola to take your outdoor space – and the joyful events in it – to a whole new level. 

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