When it comes to aluminum fencing one of the best manufacturers in the industry is Jerith Aluminum Fencing. Ornamental fencing is can ben installed on both residential and commercial properties and is popular because of its style, strength, and lower cost than steel ornamental fencing.

Jerith Manufacturing LLC is the oldest and largest manufacturer of aluminum ornamental fence in North America. They understand that our customers want the best value and prefer a fence made in America from U.S. materials. Your new Jerith fence is manufactured without imported aluminum and assembled in our 450,000 square foot facility in Philadelphia.

What is Ornamental Fencing?

Ornamental fencing was introduced to U.S. households over 50 years ago and are popular for their beauty more than their function. These fences allow home and business owners to secure their property without compromising the view of their landscape or architecture. They often have matching gates and come in a variety of tyles with rails, rings, finials, or scrolls.

How Long Does Aluminum Fencing Last?

Aluminum fences typically last between 25-50 years. Aluminum is not susceptible to rust like steel fences. And unlike wood or vinyl, it resists warping, rotting, cracking, and splitting. If you are looking for a quality fence that will last a lifetime and look great while doing it look no further. Our team at Kirkwood Fence can help you install an ornamental aluminum fence around your residential or commercial property in St. Louis.

What Sets Jerith Aluminum Fencing Apart?

Our team at Kirkwood Fence chose Jerith aluminum fencing because of the wide variety of styles, strength, and decorative options available. Jerith fencing has styles suitable for use on both commercial and residential properties. In addition to this Jerith aluminum fencing is powder coated in a high quality and long-lasting finish that is environmentally friendly. The coating is far more durable, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistance than traditional powder coating or other fence coatings.

Jerith Aluminum Fencing Styles

There are a variety of styles, heights, and decorative elements that can be included on any of the fences that we install. Click the image below to take a look at some of the aluminum fencing styles that we offer.

Contact Kirkwood Fence for Aluminum Fencing Installation Today

If you are interested in installing an ornamental aluminum fence, contact our team. We keep some aluminum fence styles in stock to ensure that we can help you right when you need it. We install a wide variety of ornamental fences, privacy fences, and chain link styles for both residential and commercial clients across the St. Louis area. Call our experts at 314-804-0669 or click the button below for more information.

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